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Sealand 910 In Bathroom Lake Nippising, ON
Installed August 1995

WCM-NE (Current Equivalent Centrex 1000 NE)

Letter from Pat & Ross Gadsby:

We have a cottage on an island in Lake Nipissing - no hydro, but we have a generator. We installed a Sun-Mar NE composting toilet (WCM NE) in August 1995 and are very satisfied with its performance i.e. no odour, no "sludge" in drum. We use about one cup of water to "flush". We found the drum drains better if the front is slightly higher than the back. As you can see, the drum has its own "roof" to protect from the elements. Our bag of peat moss is just out of sight, under the cottage.

-Pat & Ross Gadsby

Gadsby WCM-NE Composting Toilet System
Sealand 910 (now 2010) In Bathroom
  WCM with Lean-To