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Healey Lake, ON

WCM, Installed 1991

(Current Equivalent - Centrex 1000)

The Greenwoods installed their WCM along with a handsome Sealand 910 (currently the Sealand 2010) in the bathroom. Its one of the many Sun-Mar units installed on this lake. In a typical "word of mouth" sequence, the skeptical neighbours closely watched the first Sun-Mar unit (installed 1985) for several years before adopting it.

One of these interested observers, Shirley Martin, finally had another WCM user (her neighbour) put in a unit for her. Shirley spends all summer at her cottage and is typically enthusiastic about her Sun-Mar. "I really love it", said Shirley, "its so much better than the old outhouse, especially when I'm here alone".



WCM Under Cottage The Greenwood Sealand 910 (2010 compatible)
The Greenwoods