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Gatineau Hills, PQ - Centrex
Installed 1998
Letter from Jim Sine, 2000:

"Also enclosed is a photo housing our unique installation. There was insufficient space underneath our seasonal cottage approximately 15 feet from the bathroom which is the window directly behind the Centrex house. You can see the vent pipe on the left side of the unit housing - exiting parallel to the ground to a nearby tree whence it then rises vertically about 20 feet and is virtually invisible!!

Although installed in December of 1998, the unit was not operated until May 1999 when water was connected once again. We are extremely happy and proud of our composting unit - it was a far superior alternative to a septic field which would have cleared an area 40' by 60' of all trees and required four feet of gravel!

Thanks to our Centrex we have maintained the marvelous beauty of our summer retreat in the Gatineau Hills."

-James Sine

The Centrex and Its Cottage